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Vermont Teddy Bear

Fluffy Fantasy Champ

Fluffy Fantasy Champ

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18" Fluffy Fantasy Dinosaur

Legend has it that this adorable herbivore knows exactly how to add lots of fun to playtime and lots of snuggles to sleepy time. It's the perfect playmate, comfort companion, and forever friend, made of the softest and fluffiest premium fur and featuring an ultra-plush construction. It also has an iridescent belly and spots to add a touch of sparkly magic. You won't find a better hugger, secret listener, or dream chaser anywhere. And because friends are friends forever, our Dinosaur is guaranteed for life. Stuffed with Love with 100% recycled materials at our Teddy Bear Factory in Shelburne, Vermont.
All Vermont Teddy Bears are guaranteed for life! If anything ever happens to one of our Bears or Stuffed Animals, they can be sent to our Bear Hospital in Shelburne, VT, where we'll nurse them back to perfect health.
Vermont Teddy Bear is proud to collaborate with trusted overseas partners to produce world-class Bears and Stuffed Animals that are Guaranteed for Life. Our qualified overseas partners produce our shells which we then stuff with love and back-stitch by hand at our Teddy Bear Factory in Shelburne, Vermont. We use materials that are imported from China and 100% recycled stuffing that is sourced in the U.S.A. This Bear is Guaranteed for Life and exceeds U.S. child safety standards.
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